December 31

My new kooboo home

Last modified by sbrickey on 2/1/2012 11:46 AM

So you may have seen signs... i've been (very slowly) moving and consolidating websites to this new URL and site engine.

After about a month looking and testing, I've decided and settled on Kooboo as my site engine. My first websites were plain HTML and Classic ASP (some even had an access DB... ooh, ahh). For the past few years though I've been using SharePoint Services/Foundation, and it's been good.

So what changed?

I'm looking at external hosting, since I'm a little tired of the maintenance involved with my 2 Virtual Servers, File Server, a dozen VMs, and custom firewall rules. I've liked the idea of hosting myself because I always kept backup copies, but the web hosting sites these days provide a lot of nice options as well.

But let me tell you, SharePoint hosting is expensive (for a personal site).

My web hosting (via Arvixe) is less than $10/mo... no bandwidth concerns, no disk space concerns.

SharePoint would've cost me at least $30/mo... for maybe 5gb of disk space. I looked into a bunch of options, including cloud servers... but since SharePoint wants at LEAST 4gb of memory, VM hosting gets expensive too. Throw in some VPN routing (I was hoping to configure a WAN between two VM hosts and here, split my AD tree, etc) and the costs went up even higher... suddenly, the cost of running things at home was looking good again.

Further, with my home install, I am a SharePoint farm admin... full access to central admin, install anything i want, admin. With hosted options (Office 365 or others), I'm a site collection admin. At best I can play around in the sandbox API.

So I looked around at some other CMS options.
- Orchard - very popular, it's still in its infancy as far as I'm concerned, but the community seems to really like it and support it.
- Composite C1 - I liked this one, and it has some features that I've requested of Kooboo (metadata for content pages, for example)... but when using the admin console, I watched the browser's RAM usage hit 200+mb... wow...
- Umbraco - I've heard it's good, but I had trouble getting it going in a local VM, nevermind uploading it to a hosting company's FTP site.

Why Kooboo?
- Like others, it supports (and uses by default) an XML data provider... backups can't get much easier than copying a file... plus, my content migration from SharePoint just dumped the (transformed) contents into an XML file.
- Like Orchard, it makes heavy use of MVC (Razor), which makes coding quick and easy. It has a few helpers which seem odd at times to work with, but are relatively easy to get going in the end.
- You heard me, code... I get to log into the admin console, and adjust the code however I like... want to render the tag cloud differently, no problem. Perhaps you noticed that the blog theme copies SharePoint? Took me only a few hours.
- in-page editing.. yes, I can edit content without being in the admin console... arguably, I have to write the code to do that, but if you know where to look, you can reuse the code from the Admin console without too much effort :)
- Responsive forums... While the user community isn't exactly booming, I've always gotten a (good) response in the forums within a day or so. I have noticed, that in the past few weeks (while getting this all going and figured out), I've been one of the more popular posters :) 


So there you have it.

I plan to write more, including the (PowerShell) scripts I used to migrate the content, and the code I use in my data views... but for now, at least the blog is no longer in post limbo.

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